• Mohammad Said

    VAT Awareness Workshop

    “So happy I’ve discovered this place & I wish to come again in the future.”

  • Takumi Yoshino

    VAT Awareness Workshop

    “I understood how management finds issues, make plan, organize team, execute and check. I have learnt many things, not only about VAT, but also about management.”

  • Christiana Osaremen Igwesi

    Early Childhood Education Workshop

    “I am happy to be one of the students in MECAT. The training gave me more understanding about early childhood education and strategies of teaching.”

  • Leen Hammad

    Hotel and Hospitality Management Workshop

    “MECAT accommodated my needs with the course dates and times, making it easier for me to attend and receive the knowledge I need. The team ensures you are comfortable and have everything you need.”

  • Crescentia Cardoz, Assistant Manager

    Developing and Implementing a Successful CSR Strategy Workshop

    “Good examples, and good speaker.”

  • Hend Khoori, Executive-Corporate Communications

    Developing and Implementing a Successful CSR Strategy Workshop

    “It was a very interesting course as I am new to CSR, but I became very interested in it after this workshop.”

  • Marija Prilepchanska, Professional Trainer

    Developing and Implementing a Successful CSR Strategy Workshop

    “It was a new experience for me and I learnt something new!”

  • Sara Ghalib Al-Qudah, Translator

    Educational Management Workshop

    “It was a very good and useful course, and MECAT team are very professional and friendly”

  • Rawaa Mady

    Empathy Workshop, Dubai International School-DIS

    “The Skills Disscussed is essential for everyone on both personal and professional levels.”

  • Abdulaziz Azzee

    Business Management

    “The workshop gives you a great amount of information on business management in a duration of 3 days! The instructor was precise, clear, and understandable.”

  • Oura Villus

    Blossom Nursery, Empathy Workshop

    “Relevant and organized presentation of topics. The course opened my mind to what empathy could do and how being empathic could significantly impact my job as a teacher. The workshop made it clear to me how easy and effective it can be to exercise empathy in my everyday life!”

  • Zeny Marie Sarrage

    Blossom Nursery, Empathy Workshop

    “Good Work MECAT! Keep inspiring others and thank you for giving us ideas on how we share and feel empathy to others!”

  • Mona Liza Bernabe

    Blossom Nursery, Empathy Workshop

    “I am greatful to have such training because it let me see things in a positive way. And my relationship with others will change in a positive way for sure.”

  • Toni Rose Gabin

    Blossom Nursery, Empathy Workshop

    “The Strength of this workshop that it’s full of information that you can use anywhere in your everyday life. The trainer was excellent as well, she delivered all the information effectively.”

  • Minerva Buen

    Blossom Nursery, Empathy Workshop

    “Thank you MECAT for the discussions. I honestly learned allot about how to care about the emotions of others and I learned how to make an effective conversation with others.”

  • Razan El Zaim

    Tijan Construction Group, Hotel and Hospitality Management

    “Covered up all important aspects of Hospitality!”

  • Janice Strong

    Hotel and Hospitality Management

    “Thank you MECAT for professional, well-organized training session. I surly would implement the skills learned in my work environment and in my personal life!”

  • Mohammed Shabbier Lunawadi

    Creative Problem Solving & Decision Making Skills

    A very good learning session with exercises never played before! Excellent communication skills Trainer Mihir Koltharkar. Interactive and convincing personality!
    Should try out the creative part in work-life.
    Thank you MECAT!

  • Sadaf Ali

    Customer Service Communication Skills
    I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop. It has refreshed my customer service and communication skills. The knowledge that I gained today is extremely valuable. I will definitely make good use of it at my job.

  • Sadaf Ali

    Creative Problem Solving & Decision Making Skills


    Learning points were presented in a very interesting manner. It was a wonderful session on Creative Problem Solving & Decision Making Skills. Two hours just flew by since the trainer kept us so engaged through interesting activities and facts! I would certainly recommend this training to others.

  • Mabelle Dumbrique

    Creative Problem Solving & Decision Making Skills

    It was just an open session but I guess and I would say to myself that I am interested to further attend the complete course because of this open session! The Speaker is well educated. Very organized training academy, speakers are well experienced.

  • Samar Kurabi

    Creative Problem Solving & Decision Making Skills Free Workshop

     Eye opener on concepts that we come across and think that we are knowledgeable about them.

  • Hanna Al Melhi

    Event Management
    This course reflected my Master degree in two days! I really appreciate the support from MECAT team, a constant follow-ups and feedbacks were great and very beneficial.

  • Rawan Dayani

    Developing and Managing a Strategic Marketing Plan 

    This course gave me a structured plan to develop the right marketing plan with the right product.

  • Razan El Zaim

    Customer Service Communication Skills

    Loved the interaction between attendees that was created by the trainer.

  • Waleed Suwailem, KSA

    Strategic Quality and Systems Management
    I had a lot of knowledge and fun, I believe that this course already made me a better “Future Manager”! I consider MECAT as a family that I really enjoy training with.

  • Jordan Cristobal

    Project Management

    Core of Project Management Concepts were presented very well.

  • Aleksei Dremov

    Project Management
    The Trainer is well knowledgeable of the topic.

  • Hind Al Mehrzi

    Project Management

    The Trainer is nice and professional person.

  • Mona Al Zaabi

    Project Management
    The Trainer is well knowledgeable of the topic.

  • Ali Shaalan

    Developing and Managing a Strategic Marketing Plan

    2 way communication.

  • Sharif Maghraby

    Developing and Managing a Strategic Marketing Plan
    Good Course!

  • Haseena Usman

    Developing and Managing a Strategic Marketing Plan

    Some strength points where:

    • The way the trainer made us feel comfortable.
    • It was an interactive workshop.

  • Janarthanan L.

    Developing and Managing a Strategic Marketing Plan
    Very organized, and well communicated!

  • S.Satya Nanayana

    Conflict Management
    Short, crisp & focused on the topic.

  • Frank Peris

    Conflict Management
    The training is straight to the point, very informative & covered the topic very well.

  • Ananda Das

    Conflict Management/ Developing and Managing a Strategic Marketing Plan
    I like the workshop. It’s crisp, accurate, interesting, straight to the point, and Interactive. Both trainers have a very good knowledge about the topics. I loved the content and the approach of delivering it. I recommend this workshop to all.

  • Vikrant Jaitly

    Conflict Management

    Had a great experience at MECAT. I would like to come again for such training courses.

  • Ananda Das

    "Its very nice, crisp, interactive, practical and friendly seminar with Ms. Iman regarding strategy, ownership, leadership skills and quality skills. It was very helpful for me and highly recommended.”

  • Soraya El Sayed

    "I had enjoyed the course very much. It was very helpful and useful. I am also excited to attend more courses with the same trainer. She is a very experienced trainer. The trainer has more and more to give to the trainee. Unfortunately, the course was only one day, I hope to be more longer to learn more."

  • Issa Rabia Al Sinani

    "I would recommend this training to any individual as this will help them discover their leadership skills and also discover their strengths and weaknesses, and what are the opportunities that they can utilize from their work place and real life"

  • Bouchra Boughadi

    "(A) very interesting course. Problem solving using life workshop methods. I am interested in applying the lessons I learned in this course and I am interested in attending more training sessions organized by MECAT." 

  • Mohammad Rasbeih

    “I have observed a pronounced change in my capabilities with time. Classes have indeed promoted our skill sets as students and improved our knowledge as well as our approach to challenges.”

  • Walid Al Kazzi

    “I have been studying English at our factory, Ciment de Sibline, since 2012. I had finished level 2 and level 3 and after a new placement test, I have been accepted in level 7. It was a very positive experience. My English language had been enhanced in both ways: pronunciation and writing. I am looking forward for more fluency in English due to the easy but in-depth methodology that we receive by our MECAT instructors.”

  • Mohamad Abdallah

    “Before attending this course, I was facing one problem: knowing so many English words but never using them due to lack of practice. This course gave me the opportunity to enrich my English skills and be able to speak fluently with impeccable grammar, thanks to the active learning environment provided in the sessions.”

  • Sarah Koubar

    “I am an English student in level 7, allowing me to speak, write and listen to English. The lessons included various activities tailored to help us absorb and memorize the information. Our instructor was personable and cheerful; I especially liked how appreciative they were of our effort trying to improve ourselves. We felt they were as keen as us on improving our standards. The hands-on approach to learning made the learning process much easier.”