Our Trainers

Our trainers are innovators who are keen on changing the world through education. Their passion for their specialization stems from a deep belief in the power of learning and innovation. They bring to our programs a wealth of knowledge that has established them as academic and industry leaders. As graduates, researchers, and scholars from Ivy League and other prestigious educational institutions in the United States and Europe, they are aware of the role of cutting-edge research in expanding the horizons of our knowledge. They are also focused on hands-on learning that brings to the students the benefit of real-world problem solving ability, through design thinking and modern pedagogies. Our trainers come from prestigious universities, including Stanford, Harvard, Columbia, George Washington, Georgetown, UC Berkeley, San Jose State, Duke, King’s College; in addition to organizations like The Guardian, Fusion, NASA, St Jude Children’s Hospital, among others. Our team guarantees that you are at the cutting edge of your specialization, because they are actively involved in shaping the future of their respective fields of expertise.

Our Trainers


Nael H. Alami, PhD
Managing Director and co-founder of MECAT

Organizations: Stanford University; St Jude Hospital; MUBS

Jennifer A. Bland
Education Expert; Researcher

Organizations: Stanford University

Nadine H. Alami, Ed.D
Expert in Educational Management

Organizations: George Washington University

Dany Chakhtoura
Consultant; Expert Trainer

Management, Communications, and Marketing

Sara Khaled
Accomplished Educator and Trainer

Organizations: MUBS

Hassan Zaraket, PhD
University Professor

Organizations: St Jude Hospital; American University of Beirut

Nadia Sorkhabi, PhD
University Professor

Organizations: UC Berkeley; San Jose State University

Iman Rabah, Ed.D
MECAT Academic Director; University Professor

Organizations: MECAT; Birmingham University; British University in Dubai

Hussam Abu Azab
University Lecturer

Organizations: Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières

Milad Hadchiti
Life Coach, Motivational Speaker

Organizations: Star Academy; NLP

Mohammad El Medawar
IT and Soft Skills Trainer

Organizations: American University of Beirut; Lebanese American University; Sultan Qaboos University

Fadi Chahwan
News Reporter, Media Expert

Organizations: MTV Lebanon

Marwan Wahbi
University Professor; Marketing, Sales, and Management

Organizations: Haigazian University; MUBS

Antoinette Myers
Educational Consultant

Organizations: Scripps College; Stanford University

Angeliki Kapoglou
Space Systems Engineer; Design Thinker

Organizations: Stanford University; NASA; CERN

Rasha Khansa, PhD
University Professor, Education Expert

Organizations: LAU; AUB; MUBS

Abdullah Faris
Expert on Management & Administration

Organizations: UAE Consultant for Dubai & Abu Dhabi start-ups

David Breton
International Expert, Marketing

Strategic Marketing and Customer Experience Expert

Roeia Thabet, PhD
Expert in Educational Leadership & Management

Organization: British University in Dubai; University of Birmingham